EC POWER Inc. Proudly Partners With AK Brown Ltd.

Smithfield, September 2023 – EC POWER Inc., a leading provider of cutting-edge energy solutions, is proud to announce its partnership with AK Brown Ltd. to further develop sustainable energy infrastructure throughout North America.

The partnership marks a notable stride in the promotion of sustainable energy solutions in Canada. The two companies aim to enhance energy efficiency and effectively diminish the environmental impact of commercial and industrial buildings. This collaboration represents a collective commitment towards a greener future.

AK Brown Ltd., a prominent company based in Calgary, specializes in Building Automation Services that optimize a wide range of building operations. These services encompass areas such as electrical, fire safety, plumbing, HVAC/R, security and monitoring, sheet metal, and sprinkler systems. With an unwavering commitment to attention to detail and exceptional service, AK Brown Ltd. has established itself as a market leader in the installation and maintenance of CHP (Combined Heat and Power) systems. Serving the western territories of Canada, they are dedicated to providing their clients with top-notch service available 24/7.

John Brown, HVAC Manager with AK Brown Ltd. says, “AK Brown’s partnership with EC Power will enable us to seamlessly integrate CHP systems into commercial buildings and production facilities throughout western Canada. Our goal is to help Canadians improve the sustainability of their facilities while lowering operating costs. We look forward to working with clients that share our commitment to a greener future.”

“We are excited to collaborate with AK Brown and leverage their extensive experience in the commercial building services sector. Together, we can achieve remarkable results in reducing carbon emissions and promoting a cleaner, more sustainable future.” said Anders Thorsen, CEO of EC POWER Inc.

By joining forces with AK Brown Ltd., our goal is to lead by example, not only capitalizing on the benefits of energy transition, but to inspire other businesses to embrace sustainable energy practices and the adoption of sustainable energy solutions with XRGI® CHP systems.

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