Why XRGI®?

We thought of everything

Thanks to its innovative design, the XRGI® adapts to any desired room layout. Its maximum climate-friendliness and efficiency also meets specifications issued by the law.

CHP Planning

Your Checklist for Success

This happens only with the XRGI®: Our products make the planning procedure highly efficient. Benefit from the standardized, a thousand and one times tested, integration possibilities of our XRGI® series. EC POWER employees will support you with your planning. Our cogeneration plants will enable you to find the right energy solution for almost every property. Today and in the future.

Reliable Renewables

A CHP is fired with gas – Today, however, green gas is readily available. Thanks to the Power-to-Gas principle, it is now possible to convert power from renewable sources into climate-friendly gas that can be easily stored.

An XRGI® CHP then uses the climate-friendly gas when there is a demand for an abundance of energy. This compensates for any natural fluctuations in the supply of renewables.

An Adaptable

In existing buildings, an XRGI® can be combined with various other energy components, such as a PV-system or a heat pump. 

For new buildings in which no boiler room house is planned or when the building budget and costs must be minimal, our external energy center POWER HOUSE is the ideal solution.

The Success of XRGI®

Our cogeneration plants supply residential buildings, commercial buildings, and public facilities – and comply perfectly with varying requirements.

XRGI® Makes Happy Customers

More than 15,000+ satisfied customers love the XRGI® because of its high efficiency, compact design, long lasting power and cost savings.