Why XRGI®?

We thought of everything

Thanks to its innovative design, an XRGI® matches with any desired room layout. And because of its maximum climate-friendliness and efficiency, it also meets the specifications issued by the law.

Leading Edge Technology for Tailor-Made Power

The highly developed components, pioneering design, and patented real-time modulation of the XRGI® units supply the power and control you need with three main components: The Power Unit, Q-Heat Distributor, and the iQ Control Panel.

Leading Edge Technology for Tailor-Made Power

XRGI® Cascades

XRGI® can be easily and economically cascaded to produce higher outputs.

Electrical Output kWe 12 - 24 12 - 48 12 - 72
Thermal Output BTU/hr 112,000 - 163,000 112,000 - 326,000 112,000 - 489,000

Highest Tested Efficiency: The XRGI® A+++

Like refrigerators, washing machines and other large appliances, the energy efficiency of heating technology is tested by independent bodies and marked with an efficiency label and rating. Our XRGI® cogeneration plants have achieved the highest possible efficiency based on European energy rating standards, earning a triple A plus rating. This means that XRGI® CHPs from EC POWER offer the best possible reference for efficiency.

Standard Installations

The downloads show some of our standard installations and include 3D layouts in STEP format and plans in multiple formats. The completed installation, including accessories and lines, can easily be inserted in your CAD system for processing.

Multi-Industry POWER

The XRGI® is a compact cogeneration plant that uses the principle of combined heat and power (CHP):
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