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AK Brown Ltd., a prominent company based in Calgary, specializes in Building Automation Services that optimize a wide range of building operations. These services encompass areas such as electrical, fire safety, plumbing, HVAC/R, security and monitoring, sheet metal, and sprinkler systems. With an unwavering commitment to attention to detail and exceptional service, AK Brown Ltd. has established itself as a market leader in the installation and maintenance of CHP (Combined Heat and Power) systems. Serving the western territories of Canada, they are dedicated to providing their clients with top-notch service available 24/7.
Diversified General Contractors Inc., based in Lansing, Illinois, are a well-renowned mechanical HVAC Contractor with a stellar track record since 2000. Specializing in top-of-the-line mechanical contracting services tailored to meet unique needs, they have expertise spanning from small projects to large complex projects. For more than 20 years, they have provided their clients with top-of-the-line mechanical contracting services that cater to their specific needs and requirements. From small projects to larger and more complex jobs, Diversified General Contractors has experience dealing with a wide variety of projects scopes. As a premium partner with EC POWER Inc., Diversified General Contractors Inc. serves the Midwestern United States and Great Lakes region.
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For nearly 80 years, Lochinvar, an American company, has been a leader of innovation and high-efficiency water heating. Through Lochinvar’s pride in leadership and commitment to excellence, the company has continually improved year after year.
Today, Lochinvar touts the broadest line of high-efficiency water heating solutions, a world-class research & development department, comprehensive service with every sale and industry-leading training through Lochinvar University.
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Nexgen Mechanical Inc., based in Warwick, Rhode Island, brings over 33 years of industry expertise to the table, serving Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts with top-notch commercial and industrial HVAC services. Specializing in HVAC, piping, boiler, and chiller replacements, their factory-trained technicians are renowned for their expertise in handling even the largest and most complex HVAC systems in the region. With a dedicated team comprised of seasoned services technicians, pipe fitters, control technicians, estimators and project managers, Nexgen Mechanical Inc. is your go-to partner with EC POWER Inc. and services the greater Northeastern / New England area. 
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